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    Get Published is committed to assisting young research authors in getting their academic work published in leading journals. With our handholding, you can expect to get past the challenges of peer review and impress even a strict editorial board.

    Why Academic Journals

    Academic journals publish a variety of scholarly papers and research publications after a quality peer-review done by their academic experts in a stringent manner. There are usually specific journals that cover researches done in particular academic disciplines, while each one follows its own publication standards. These actually act as platforms where you can introduce your new research or present a critique to past work. Whether your work is an original research or a review article, academic journals would be interested in all, provided you fulfil their required publication criteria and follow specified guidelines or style standards for getting your paper approved.

    Based on a solicited or unsolicited submission of your research work, the particular journal’s editors decide whether to reject your submission or take it further for peer review, which is done by the journal’s anonymous scholars.

    Why Us

    If you too have been involved in some academic research work and want to get your paper published in a reputed periodical or journal, ask for full publication support from our professionals. Here are some reasons why you should choose our team:

    • Our experts are highly qualified and skilled
    • We perfectly shape up and organize your work in a manner that makes it foolproof to avoid any rejection by the journal you are applying to.
    • We follow all journal guidelines related to varied content issues, including its styling. This would create a good impression on the scholars evaluating your paper and deciding about its fate for publication.
    • There would be no revisions or resubmissions required if your paper is well-written and edited.

    Our publication support services are available for all kinds of academic researchers working in different areas of research. Whether it is a scientific or humanities journal or a journal of quantitative social sciences, we can offer you expert advice.
    So, all you need to do is be ready with the best of your work and we will make it perfect for you to get published in your selected journal, or even find the suitable journal for it!

    Our Testimonials

  • Since I was not sure which journals to send my paper to, I decided to take professional help. The consultants guided me in a personalized manner, understood the nuances of my paper and picked out the most appropriate journals. I will get back for help with submission.