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    Editing an academic document is an essential step to ensure the quality of work. If you have not polished and edited your academic paper before submitting it to the concerned editor, then you may not get the best results. An unedited research paper may not go well with your targeted readers, as it is usually unclear and inaccurate at some points. It is not very possible to create a perfect paper while writing its first draft. Thus, research paper editing can save it from rejection by a journal or publication. If you get your paper edited by a professional editor, then he/she can take it to meet international quality standards.

    At Get Published, our trained editors take care of all kinds of linguistic, stylistic, and formatting mistakes that may have happened while writing. Our editorial team is well qualified and experienced to take care of all your editing requirements. Our editors have subject matter expertise, which enables them to add value to all the research papers they revise and edit. Whether it is a lengthy work or an article, they guarantee zero errors after research paper editing has been done.

    They have a keen eye to identify and correct even minor errors. However, they edit the structure and organization of your content equally well. Our focus is on providing clarity, comprehension, logic, and meaningfulness to your content so it may impress your target readers. We weave your content in such a way that it highlights your ideas and the significance of your study decently. Whether it is about polishing your vocabulary or presenting facts interestingly, we have editors who work on every aspect of your paper devotedly.

    Under our research paper editing service, we offer three levels of editing. The details of each of them are as under. See what all we check at each editing level.

    Grammatical errors like verbs, tenses, number agreement, etc. check check check
    Typographical errors and wrong spellings check check check
    Structure of sentences, paragraphs, and chapters check check check
    Terms and jargons used. If there are too many jargons, a paper might sound overly technical and reviewers may want to change it. cros check check
    Formatting and layout of all chapters, including the abstract and reference list cros cros check
    Citation style, as per the guidelines of the targeted journal cros check check
    Language and vocabulary check check check
    Accurate plagiarism check to rule out any copied matter cros cros check
    PRICE $10 per page $ 13 per page $ 16 per page

    Our Multi-Level Editing Process

    Our editors make necessary corrections wherever errors are found. Even in a case where they deem a change in the text necessary to make the content more meaningful or authentic, they provide suggestions for the same. The process that we follow for editing research papers is as detailed below.

    This multi-stage process ensures that there are no mistakes, as many of our experts do a comprehensive revision. Thus, you can expect your paper to be flawless and ready for publication.

    Another important aspect of our service is the editing report that we provide with each paper. It shows the changes made to your content in track changes mode so you can understand and discuss them. We make sure that our process delivers appropriate and timely feedback to you.

    If you wish to experience our thorough editing service, contact our team and send us your papers now. We will assign the most suitable editors for your research paper. You may also contact us for detailed service information by sending an email to Our representatives immediately get back to you with the required information.

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  • Since I was not sure which journals to send my paper to, I decided to take professional help. The consultants at Get Published guided me in a personalized manner, understood the nuances of my paper, and picked out the most appropriate journals for me. I will get back for help with submission.